SunWorks Solar Food Dryer

The SunWorks SFD gets great results all over the world, thanks to its design. It uses direct and indirect solar heating, combined with a special airflow and vent controls, to achieve maximum food drying performance.


  • Works in any sunny area on your patio, deck, or back yard.
  • Zero operating cost on 100% passive solar energy.
  • Compact cabinet configuration is light, portable, and storable.
  • Adjustable venting enables easy temperature control.
  • Ventilation is powered by natural convection (the solar fan).
  • Full backup electric heating option.
  • Screening protects food from pests.
  • Sturdy, weatherproof design for a long life of regular use.

The SunWorks SFD uses a unique Z-Flow airflow to maximize efficiency and performance. The results are amazing!

We no longer produce our ready-to-assemble, SunWorks™ Solar Food Dryer Kit, but you can build the SunWorks Solar Food Dryer yourself using instructions in the book The Solar Food Dryer.

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