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The Solar Food Dryer
How to Make and Use Your Own High-Performance, Sun-Powered Food Dehydrator

By Eben Fodor

The Solar Food Dryer describes how to efficiently harness solar energy to preserve food quickly and easily. With your own solar-powered food dehydrator, you can conveniently make all the high-quality dried foods you want - with free sunshine! Eat local and eat healthier by preserving the goodness of your favorite seasonal foods, garden veggies, fruits and herbs to enjoy all year long.

A good solar food dryer will perform amazingly well under a wide range of conditions, working effectively in almost any climate where you can grow fruits and vegetables. This is not "sun drying," its solar drying - a major step forward in applying solar technology to food preservation.

The solar dryer has distinct advantages over conventional electric food dryers and dried foods don't require the energy or storage space needed for canning or freezing. And solar food drying is a great way to learn about solar energy and to experience the incredible power of the sun - as well as being a lot of fun!

The Solar Food Dryer includes everything you need to know to get started:

  • a complete guide to solar drying
  • a review of the best solar dryer designs and features
  • step-by step plans for building a high-performance, low-cost solar food dryer from readily-available materials
  • solar energy design concepts
  • food drying tips and healthy recipes
  • resources, references, solar charts, and more.

Thoroughly illustrated with photographs, charts, and helpful design and construction plans, this book will appeal to gardeners everywhere, to solar energy enthusiasts, and to everyone interested in healthy, nutritious foods, sustainable lifestyles, self-reliance and preserving more locally-grown seasonal produce for year-around enjoyment.

A Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series book

* The only book in print devoted to solar food drying *

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