All about the SunWorks™ Solar Food Dryer Kit

Get started with high-performance solar food drying quickly and easily with our complete, ready-to-assemble kit! Made with high-quality materials and manufactured with care to deliver great results and years of enjoyment.

The SunWorks™ Solar Food Dryer is simply the best!

  • The fastest, easiest, and best way to dry food under the sun!
  • Dries up to 6 pounds of food with just one or two days of sunshine.
  • Two large food trays provide more than 10 square feet of drying area.
  • Delivers maximum drying performance from 100% solar energy and gets food as dry as you like.
  • The compact and light weight SunWorks™ SFD is easy to use; easy to move around; easy to store; and weighs less than 35 lbs.
  • The clear solar glazing blocks all ultraviolet rays, while transmitting solar energy from the visible and infrared spectrums.
  • Easily control drying temperature with adjustable venting controls (more venting = more air flow = lower temperature).
  • All vent openings are screened to keep insects out.
  • Made in the U.S.A. in Eugene, Oregon.

“This kit is based on years of solar food drying experience and lots of research and design testing. I hope you enjoy the SunWorks dryer and use it as much as I do.”
– Eben Fodor, author, The Solar Food Dryer

Advantages of Solar Drying

Get out of the kitchen and into the sun!

  • Operates outdoors so the heat and odors don’t go indoors, like they do with electric dryers.
  • It’s more fun. Spend more time outdoors, not in a hot kitchen. Learn about solar energy and the power of the sun. Get great results fast.
  • Quiet. No noisy fans that run constantly in electric dryers.
  • Save energy and money. Solar drying saves you $1 to $2 per load in electricity costs over electric drying. (Save even more if your home’s central AC system has to run to remove the extra heat added by your electric dryer.)
  • Cabinet keeps food secure, clean, and dry, even if it rains.
  • Capture and preserve the summer’s nutritious bounty for enjoyment all year.
  • To expand the convenience of your 100% solar SunWorks™ food dryer, electric backup heating can be added for electric drying during overcast or winter periods.

High-Quality Construction and Materials

The SunWorks™ SFD Kit is made for a long life of outdoor food drying.

  • Solid wood cabinet for strength, durability, and beauty (made with cedar legs and attractive, rough-sawn, exterior plywood cabinet that is formaldehyde-free and meets CARB-Phase 2 standards)
  • Absorber plate is rust-free, black powder-coated, heavy-duty aluminum to capture and distribute heat evenly for consistent drying results.
  • Aluminum screen frames are sturdy, lightweight, easy to load and clean, and won’t rust.
  • SunScreen™ polypropylene screens are perfect for solar food dryers (included).
  • High-quality polycarbonate glazing has 10-year manufacturer warranty for outdoor use, is 200x stronger than glass, and provides superior insulation.

What’s Included in the Kit?

  • The complete wood cabinet ready to assemble
  • All hardware, handles, vent adjuster, and fasteners
  • Solar glazing with aluminum frame
  • Two sturdy aluminum screen frames
  • SunScreen™ polypropylene screens
  • Aluminum absorber plate, powder-coated flat black, cut and drilled to fit
  • Screen material for all vent openings
  • A large-dial thermometer for monitoring drying temperature - a $10 value!
  • Assembly instructions and operating tips
  • Shipped in 100% post-consumer recycled content box

No wood or metal cutting required. No special tools or skills needed.

Assembled Dimensions: 30” wide by 27” long by 28” high (including legs)

  • Fits in the back of a Subaru station wagon so you can share it with friends!

Strawberries in Dryer
Fresh-picked strawberries loaded in SunWorks Solar Food Dryer.

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