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Solar Food Drying Articles on the Web

Preserving the Harvest: Learn why and how to use the sun to dehydrate foods
Blog on solar drying in St. Louis from Resilience website, October 2013

Sensible Solar Drying
By Eben Fodor, In Good Tilth magazine, Fall 2012

Super-Simple Solar Food Drying
By Megan Hinman, Mother Earth News, July 30, 2012

Drying Herbs in a Solar Dehydrator
By Jennifer Kongs, Mother Earth News, May 11, 2012

Want Summer Flavor to Last All Year? Use a Solar Food Dehydrator
By Leah Zerbe,, July 2011

Solar Food Dryers Blog
An in-depth blog by Cindy Conner on her solar food drying experience in Ashland, VA from Homeplace Earth: Education and Design for a Sustainable World (May 2011). See also her Nov. 2011 follow-up blog: Solar Food Dryers - Update

Build a Solar Food Dehydrator
By Eben Fodor
Mother Earth News, Aug/Sept 2006

Drying Produce with the Sun
by Eben Fodor
HomePower Magazine, Issue#119, page 58 (Jun/Jul 2007)
(Note: this article must be obtained through library or purchased through HomePower)

Drying Food with the Sun
by Sue Robishaw
Countryside Magazine, 1999

Food Drying
by Marcella Shaffer
Backwoods Home Magazine (1999)

Solar Food Dryers
by Larisa Welk and Lucien Holy
Very simple solar food dryer design.

Solar Food Dryer Designs and Photos

One of our SunWorks Kits made it to Italy. This photo shared with us on Facebook is labeled "Pomodori time in Villa Moltini Italy."

Two SunWorks dryers were built for this small farm in the Vancouver, BC area.

Larger version of SunWorks dryer built by Devon Bonady at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon.

A French version of the SunWorks dryer built with boards instead of plywood.

Photos of SunWorks dryers in Zimbabwe and South Africa

Leaf for Life solar dryer has an interesting design with instructions.

The Appalachian Solar Food Dryer by Dennis Scanlin, Home Power, issue#69, page 24 (Feb/Mar 1999) This is a good indirect solar dryer design.

Solar Food Dryer Designs from MIT ATS Program Website (Note: metal may get hot!)

Box dryer design by North Dakota State University

How-to site with photos of various larger solar dryers

The Kerr-Cole Sustainable Living Center has solar dryer plans available for a nominal cost.

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