Table of Contents

The Solar Food Dryer
Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Food Drying Is More Fun in the Sun!

Why Dry?
Going Solar
Is Solar Food Drying Right for Me?
Why Haven’t I Heard More about Solar Food Dryers?
The Bigger Picture

Chapter 2: Harvesting Solar Energy

The Power of the Sun: Capturing Solar Energy to Dry Food
Solar Basics
Geography and Seasons
Climate and Weather Issues
More Solar Facts

Chapter 3: Design Considerations for Solar Dryers

Making Food Dry: Heat and Air Flow
Direct Heating by the Sun
The Basic Solar Collector
The “Solar Fan”
Temperatures and Venting
Collector Angle
Insulation and Double Glazing
Preventing Outdoor Pests
Backup Electric Heating
Maintenance and Cleaning
How Big a Dryer Do I Need? Size, Capacity and Portability
Using Recycled Materials
Types of Solar Dryers

Chapter 4: Complete Instructions for Making Your Own Solar Dryer

SunWorks Solar Dryer Features
Assembly Instructions
Parts List for SunWorks Solar Food Dryer
Assembly Diagrams

Chapter 5: Putting Your Solar Dryer to Work

What to Dry
Food Preparation for Drying
When to Dry
Backup Heating During Poor Weather
Operating Tips
How Drying Preserves Food
Drying Times and Temperatures
How Dry is Dry Enough?
Storing Dried Foods
Nutrition and Food Quality
Pre-treating Foods to Prevent Darkening

Chapter 6: Favorite Dried Food Recipes


Appendix A: Sun Path Charts
Appendix B: Useful Solar Data
Appendix C: Handy Conversion Factors for Solar Energy
Appendix D: Glossary of Terms for Solar Energy
Appendix E: Resources for Solar Food Drying
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